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The new Megalum membrane with no crack aluminium (flexible aluminium) that improves the mechanical strength produced on the membrane.
Manufactured with Megaflex Putty Asphalt, it has central assembly of polyethylene of high density and double asphalt layer.
The Aluminium coating No Crack extends the useful life of the product and provides higher security to the waterproofing system. It is also an excellent reflecting barrier for UV rays, decreasing the thermal absorption, protecting the ageing of the membrane and giving and effective and durable waterproofing.

Recommended Uses Asphalt Membranes Exposed non passable Megalum

Recommended Uses Asphalt Membranes Exposed non passable Megalum

Recommended Uses

The new Megalum membrane is specified to solve waterproofing on surfaces where the membrane is exposed to the elements. It replaces the traditional membrane with embossing aluminium satisfying in this way to the request of a qualitative evolution due to users need.

The properties given by the No Crack system make that Megalum membranes face with a higher security the requirements of this kind of works. Some examples of waterproofing which include this product are:
Flat or curve inaccessible roofs, building roof gardens, on roofs with remarkable slope, on metallic or fibre concrete sheets.

Flexible Aluminium

Aluminum - No CRACK

It is a technological innovation developed by Megaflex created from compound aluminium, which gives substantial improvement to systems that involve aluminized asphalt membranes, increasing the security known up to date. This innovation grants the aluminized membranes unexpected characteristics regarding mechanical strength during efforts of traction, torsion, flexure and puncturing that takes place during the application and during the waterproofing useful life.


  • Higher flexibility, adaptability and elongation.
  • Higher strength to folding stress.
  • Better adaptability to corrugated or uneven surfaces with remarkable cracks.
  • Manages folds of any kind of angle without cracks or impairments on the coating.
  • Keeps the coating conditions against different circumstances:
    • Exposure to solar radiation.
    • Stress caused by material dilatation.
  • Higher security in waterproofing systems.
  • Substantial improvement to the system standards.
  • Longer useful life.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Better tolerance to adverse weather conditions.

Warnings and Precautions

Rolls should be stored in interior places where they are not exposed to sun rays, rain or temperatures of less than 5ºC or above 35ºC. They should be taken only in the moment of using them.
The rolls will be stocked horizontally (in a pyramid way) up to a height of 5 rolls. Ideally these products should be located on site at least two hours before their application, so as to ensure a balance with the ambient temperature and humidity. At room temperature about 5ºC special care will be taken when laying the roll, unrolled it slowly to avoid cracks, tears or other damages.
It is not advisable the applying of the membranes when the ambient temperature is less than 5ºC (41ºF).
The work must not be made with rainy weather and it will not be renewed until the surface is completely dry.
It is advisable to have carbon gas or chemical dust fire extinguishers to countateract possible fire focus which could be produced during the application step.


In rolls of 10 m2 (1m width per 10 m length) It has a Welding Stripe of 6 cm width protected by an anti adherent film, making easier the overlap between layers.

Megalum membranes are introduced in the following range:

  • MEGALUM 4mm – Aluminised Membrane of 43 Kg.
  • MEGALUM 3mm – Aluminised Membrane of 33 Kg.

Application Method-(Standard IRAM 12627):

To ensure a correct waterproofing it is essential to follow the steps of application which are detailed below:

  1. SURFACE PREPARATION: The surface where the membrane will be applied must be dry, clean, flat, stable, even, smooth and must have the necessary ways to drain the water it will receive.

    PRIMING: Before applying the membrane the surface will be primed so as to improve the crub with the substrate. Megaflex Asphalt Primer (solvent base), Megaflex Asphalt Emulsion (watery base) or Oxidised Asphalt in cakes of application in heat, according to the characteristic of the work could be used.
    The priming product is to be applied in an uniform way over the entire surface, including all extensions such as chimneys, airing elements, drainages and flashings. Allow to dry and check also for the cleanliness before applying the membrane.

  3. APPLICATION: The rolls will be applied continuously from the lowest side (drainage) to the highest side of the surface, applying the rolls in perpendicular direction to the slope of the surface.
    Start by applying the first roll in perpendicular direction, ‘the roll display’ will be made, checking its position on the area to be waterproofed, then it will be rolled again to start the bond.


    BONDING: Heat the surface of the membrane to be welded (anti-adherent) with welding torch, melting completely the anti-adherent and superficially the asphalt. Bond to the substrate by pushing softly.

  5. OVERLAPS: The following membranes’ layers will be applied superimposed up the direction of the overlapped slope, with an overlap no less than 8cm (3,2’’) in longitudinal sense. Roll endings must be overlapped 15cm (6’’). The Megaflex membranes have a welding strip to make easier the overlap.

    MAKING FLASHINGS: At last the making of flashings on the perimeters walls will be finished with double membrane around the wall and floor joints.

  7. ENDING: Once the applying of the rolls is over, Aluminised Megaflex Paint of asphalt base, has to be applied on the bled areas to protect the asphalt which has been exposed during the welding and to obtain a suitable aesthetic ending.

Technical data

Roll length 10 m.
Roll width 1 m.
Welding Strip 6 cm.
Nominal Thickness (mm)* 33/43
Coating Compound Aluminium
Central Assembly Polyethylene High Density
Anti-adherent Film Polyethylene High Density
Heat Strength (2hs. 70ºC) IRAM 6693 Standard) Maximum Sliding 5%
Folding (R=12.5mm 2hs. =ºC en 3 sec)
IRAM 6693 Standard)
Test passed



Aluminium NO CRACK film
Asphalt layer
Polyethylene Film
Asphalt layer
Anti adherent film


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