10-year Written Warranty

10-year Written Warranty

MEGAFLEX, an Argentine leading asphalt membranes company, has just implemented a 10-year Written Warranty for its products MGX 400 No Crack, MGX 450 No Crack, A40 Classic No Crack and Megalum 3mm and 4mm No Crack *.

This is part of MEGAFLEX’s value-adding differentiating market strategy, which adds to the safety and reliability of its MEGAFLEX NO CRACK membrane waterproofing systems— a whole family of products which not only do not crack or break, but also last longer than other membranes offered in the market.

Nowadays, with increasingly heavier rains, and buildings being ever more prone to leaks and dampness, people’s health and comfort are becoming jeopardized. In this context, MEGAFLEX has once again reinforced its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction by providing a written quality warranty. This warranty is made possible by the NO CRACK system, which ensures a longer membrane lifespan, turning it into the only authentic membrane in the market.

Quality does make a difference. Service does make a difference. Megaflex No Crack does not crack, does not break, and lasts longer.

* This list of items is subject to change without notice.


  • Customer satisfaction, even beyond the customers’ own needs and expectations.
  • Staff ongoing training and motivation.
  • Continuous improvement, through the implementation of dynamic, effective and efficient processes.
  • Fact-based decision making.
  • Mutually beneficial relationships with customers, suppliers, and the community in general.


In 2005, Megaflex enforced a Quality Management System, based on ISO 9001:2000 and certified by DNV, which focuses on continuous improvement, efficiency of internal processes, and customer satisfaction.

Our Quality Management System allows us to improve our processes and enhance the commitment to quality. In Megaflex, each and every one of us are committed to our main goal— achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

In line with the guidelines of its Quality Management System, Megaflex is leading a dynamic and sustainable growth process, which results in increasingly better processes and products in terms of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The ISO 9001:2000 certification was just the first step on a path to excellence that the company has begun to walk years ago and treasures as part of the corporate philosophy.