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GEOTRANS paint is an acrylic waterproof coating specially made to be used over GEOTRANS membrane. Together, they make up a walkable waterproofing system with a strong mechanical resistance.

GEOTRANS Paint protects the geotextile coating, providing better abrasion resistance and improving the waterproofing capacity.

GEOTRANS paint turns into an elastic highly resistant waterproof film, which can efficiently cope with any foot traffic stress.

GEOTRANS paint is highly resistant to sun radiation (matt anti-reflex hues) and is available in English green, fired brick red, and chalk white colors.


  • Over Geotrans membrane.
  • Over in situ asphalt waterproofing.


Apply on a perfectly clean and dry surface, using a roller or brush. First, paint the sheet lap joints, over the GEOTRANS membrane. Then, apply a smooth coating of paint on the whole surface, including the lap joints. Apply a second coating following the same procedure. It is recommended to use the product dissolved in water during the first coating, and use the undiluted product during the following ones. Always let dry before applying a new coating.

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