Megaflex S.A. is an Argentine company devoted to the manufacture and marketing of asphalt membranes, waterproof paints and waterproofing systems for construction. Ever since its beginnings, back in 1992, Megaflex has sought strategic differentiation through innovation and product quality. Now, it is a leading company, not only because of its industrial facilities, but also because of its marketing capacity, positioning itself as a major exporter of asphalt membranes.

Megaflex Megaflex currently occupies an area of 52,000 m2 in the Almirante Brown Industrial Park, in the province of Buenos Aires. It boasts one of the most important asphalt producing plants of America, processing over 5,000 tons of products monthly, and meeting the highest quality standards. The Megaflex plant can produce up to 70 million m2 membranes per year.

Some of the prestigious awards received by Megaflex include a Special Mention by the ExportAr foundation (1994) and two Mercurio Awards, by the Argentine Marketing Association (2007 and 2010). Megaflex was also included among the top 100 companies in Argentina by the Great Place To Work organization.

Megaflex also joined and met the standards of some of the most renowned national and international organizations specialized in asphalt membranes and waterproofing systems, such as IRAM (Argentine Institute of Standardization and Certification), IAI (Argentine Waterproofing Institute) and NRCA (U.S. National Roofing Contractors Association).

In 2005, Megaflex certified its Quality Management System under the ISO 9001 International Standard, enhancing their commitment to product and customer service quality.

In 2007, Megaflex promoted and helped to build a Primary and Secondary Education Institute in the Almirante Brown Industrial Park. Supported by the Buenos Aires Department of Culture and Education and the Department of Adult Education and Vocational Training, these endeavors gained recognition by the entire community, and earned Megaflex the Enrique Shaw Prize, which was awarded by the Asociación Cristiana de Dirigentes de Empresas (Christian Association of Business Executives).

Megaflex has improved the quality of building systems by raising their product quality standards and by training builders, applicators and professionals from all over Argentina, providing different courses on construction techniques and methods. Furthermore, they signed agreements with the UOCRA —the Argentine Union of Construction Workers—, public and private universities, associations of architects, technical high schools, and engineering schools. Moreover, Megaflex has developed training programs for waterproofing system installers and construction professionals. These agreements have helped to spread new technologies, providing workers with more and better tools to improve their professional performance.

Over the past twenty years, Megaflex has managed to assert its market leadership, by opening up five new branches in Argentina— Mendoza, Córdoba, Rosario, Mar del Plata, and Tucumán. Finally, it boasts a strong national and international network of authorized distributors, which allows it to export asphalt membranes to more than 20 countries worldwide.

In Megaflex, we are proud of our achievements and strive every day to attain our goals, based on continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence.


We are a company focused on protecting people’s habitat and property through products which guarantee waterproofing, both as a precautionary measure and as a solution for current problems.


We strive every day to make Megaflex the leading asphalt membrane and waterproofing system supplier in terms of quality, service, innovation, and marketing. We are committed to providing an excellent service, focusing on the pursuit of continuous improvement. It is our policy to help our customers by means of active listening, and to timely comply with marketing guidelines.