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New MGX membrane, containing flexible NO CRACK aluminum, for an increased mechanical stress resistance. Made with Megaflex Plastic Cement, the MGX membrane has a high density polyethylene central core and is coated with NO CRACK aluminum, which provides a longer lifespan and a more reliable waterproofing. The aluminum coating also acts as a reflective barrier against ultraviolet rays, reducing heat absorption, protecting the membrane from aging, and providing effective and lasting waterproof protection.


Usos Membranas Asfálticas expuestas no transitable MGX

The new MGX membrane is particularly useful in waterproofing weather-exposed surfaces. A result of qualitative developments arising from users’ needs, MGX replaces the traditional embossed aluminum membrane. The properties of the NO CRACK system make the MGX membranes a more reliable option to deal with the demands of weather-exposed works. Surfaces to be waterproofed with MGX include:
Inaccessible flat or curved roofs, hardly accessible roof terraces, flat roofs in buildings, steep pitched roofs, metal sheet or fibre cement roofs. It is also used as part of a roofing system which contains a vapor barrier, in which case, it is placed beneath another element of the system.


NO CRACK Aluminum is a technological innovation developed by MEGAFLEX. It is made of aluminum composite, which offers a substantial improvement compared to aluminized asphalt membrane systems, providing better user reliability than any other asphalt membranes known so far.
The innovative NO CRACK Aluminum provides aluminized membranes with new unthought-of properties, including increased mechanical resistance to tension, torsion, bending, and punching, both during the installation process and over the membrane service life.

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