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Membrane made of Megaflex Plastic Cement, containing a polyester filament yarn Geotextile coating, which forms a randomly woven fabric called “nonwoven fabric”, and with resins that increase adhesion to the asphalt layer.

GEOTRANS contains a high density polyethylene central core and a double asphalt surface. It is ideal for waterproofing works which require high mechanical resistance and/or walkability, plus an excellent aesthetic surface finishing. The end result is an efficient and lasting waterproofing. In exposed waterproofings, paint the surface with GEOTRANS paint or coating after membrane application.


Ideal for waterproofing weather-exposed areas, even under heavy transit conditions. Also used in underslab waterproofing, providing greater reliability against potential tear and shear and punctures which may occur due to the nature of the installation work itself. Surfaces waterproofed with this product include:

Flat concrete roof, walkable roof terraces, building flat roofs, retaining walls, flowerbeds, baths, pools, gutters, balconies, basements, streams, underground tunnels, underslab or undercourse waterproofing, etc.


  • Specific for waterproofing walkable floors.
  • Increased resistance to dynamic punching.
  • Increased resistance to abrasion.
  • Maximum reliability in waterproofing systems.
  • Excellent aesthetic surface finishing. Coatings available in different colors.
  • Higher durability and resistance to aging and weather conditions.
  • The coating integrity is preserved under different circumstances:
    • Exposure to solar radiation
    • Hail.
    • Frequent foot traffic.
    • Hits, punches, etc.

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