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Self-adhering anti-corrosion tape made with Megaflex modified asphalt with thermoplastic elastomers SBS. It contains a high density polyethylene coating, an additional central core, and an inner peel-ply silicone-coated polyethylene foil that protects the adhesive layer.

The POWER STICK self-adhering tape (APPROVED FOR GAS) is highly flexible and adaptable. This, combined with its excellent waterproof and anti-corrosion properties, make this product the ideal protection for gas pipes and other metal ducts.

POWER STICK (APPROVED FOR GAS has been certified by IRAM (the Argentine Institute of Standardization and Certification) and approved by ENARGAS (the local Gas Regulating Entity), so that it can be used as an anti-corrosion coating for all types of gas piping. It is ideal for coating high pressure ducts, medium and low pressure pipelines, internal domestic networks, welded joints, and distribution networks. Its excellent adaptability is ensured even for all kinds of accessories, such as elbows, flanges, reductions, etc.

It can also be used as an anti-corrosion protection for pipes in general, for any metal parts which are buried or embedded and/or exposed to a humid environment, as it will prevent them from decaying or being damaged due to corrosion. Moreover, POWER STICK(APPROVED FOR GAS) has a high dielectric resistance.

The POWER STICK self-adhering tape (APPROVED FOR GAS) can be installed either manually or using a machine.


POWER STICK is a technological innovation developed by MEGAFLEX, and identifies the line of products made with Megaflex elastomeric asphalt.

POWER STICK confers these products optimum adhesion to all surfaces, making the installation easier and increasing its efficacy and durability.


  • Protection of pipelines against corrosion and abrasion
  • Maximum adhesion
  • Maximum flexibility and adaptability
  • Unique Double Asphalt Surface
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Cold applied

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