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Self-adhering Aluminized Asphalt Membrane made with MEGAFLEX elastomeric asphalt. POWER STICK COLOR contains a NO CRACK Aluminum coating, a central core, and a lower peel-ply silicone-coated polyethylene foil protection. NO CRACK Power Stick has great flexibility and excellent waterproof properties. The NO CRACK Aluminum coating also acts as a reflective UV barrier, reducing thermal absorption and protecting the membrane from premature aging, which results in greater aluminum foil surface resistance than traditional products.

NO CRACK Power Stick has a high adhesive power, even at low temperatures, and is easily installed, since it does not require the use of a torch.


NO CRACK Aluminum is a technological innovation developed by MEGAFLEX. It is made of aluminum composite, which offers a substantial improvement compared to aluminized asphalt membrane systems, providing better user reliability than any other asphalt membranes known so far.

The innovative NO CRACK Aluminum provides aluminized membranes with new unthought-of properties, including increased mechanical resistance to tension, torsion, bending, and punching, both during the installation process and over the membrane lifespan.


Suitable for waterproofing membrane surfaces not exposed to weather and requiring great resistance to punching and tear and shear. NO CRACK Power Stick Color is incorporated as part of a whole, beneath another system element.

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