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Megaflex Plastic Cement Membrane containing a high density polyethylene central core, which provides great flexibility without losing dimensional uniformity. MEGANOR has a polyethylene surface coating on both sides, which acts as anti-adherent foil. Given its elasticity, it is ideal for underslab waterproofing or for use as part of a larger waterproofing system.


  • Specific for underslab waterproofing systems.
  • Excellent bonding to cement mortar (before applying a cement mortar, melt using a membrane-specific torch).


Suitable for waterproofing surfaces where the membrane is not weather-exposed, but placed underneath another system element (the element placed above the membrane should be cautiously applied, so as to prevent the membrane from suffering any damage through foul contact). The preparation of a system like this increases the product reliability and resistance, and extends its service life. Examples of application of this product include:

Floors and terraces where waterproofing is made by applying an undercourse membrane. Underslab systems or surfaces with other types of coating. Double-membrane waterproofing. Also, foundations, basements, and retaining walls.

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